Calling All Cartoonists: Inker/Painter Wanted!

Studio Apartment Studios is expanding! I’m looking for an inker/painter to help with a number of projects. Work involves tracing over (brushing) and coloring (paint-bucketing) animated “pencil” frames. My characters are not overly detailed, but model sheets will be provided. Feel free to take a look through my recent movies to get an idea of my style.

I would like to hire a long-term partner for a string of cartoons I’m working on, but I’m flexible. The inker/painter will need some platform for video/voice chatting (Skype, FaceTime, Google Talk, etc.) to maintain collaboration. He/she will receive payment for the number of frames completed, as well as a share of any patronage received during production. Beyond that, I’m not too strict; just ask my voice actors! Email me and we’ll discuss the terms. I’m looking forward to hearing from you! Let’s get Evil Land and No-Luck Nora out the door!

Patreon Update

Hi everyone. Prospective patrons have additional options and rewards now. Take a look!

$1.00 – SNEAK PEEK: Curious about what’s next? One-dollar Patrons are free to request an asset from works in progress, including voice clips, animation frames, backgrounds, and storyboards! Wouldn’t you like a glimpse of what’s next for Nora in your inbox? It’s only a buck away!

$5.00 – SCREENPLAY: In addition to the sneak peek, five-dollar patrons will receive a script from one of my cartoons, finished or unfinished. Take a look at what’s coming up, or see what was changed in a completed cartoon! Scripts will be sent in .pdf format unless another is requested.

$10.00 – CUSTOM ART: In addition to the one- and five-dollar rewards, ten-dollar Patrons can request a custom drawing, digital or on paper, of whatever subject they choose! Well, within reason, but I’m open to discussion! 🙂 Both email or snail mail work for me, so what are you waiting for?

$20.00 – CUSTOM ANIMATED .GIF: In addition to the previous rewards, twenty-dollar patrons will receive a three-second animated .gif of whatever subject they choose! Again, within reason, folks! But I’m pretty open-minded, so don’t worry too much! 😉

I’ve even added a Thank You video, but you have to give to see it. 🙂 More cartoons (tickling and non) are on the way!