EarthBound FanArt (ILoveCamelCaps)

If there was ever a perfect video game for people of all ages, it’s EarthBound, an RPG for the immortal Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Its sequel, Mother 3, comes close to this accolade, but it’s far more mature in tone than its predecessor, and many of its themes will soar over kids’ heads.

Anyway, EarthBound moved me so much that I became active on the game’s premier fansite,, which is named after the game’s most menacing villains. Here is some of the fan art that I posted there.








Advertisements Carmack at E3

One of my favorite skits from the now-defunct podcast, animated in my own goofy style. Enjoy!

An Animation for the Hell of It

Here’s a little cartoon I had knocking around in my head after listening to an old podcast:

It’s full of in-jokes from the podcasts of and I know it’s silly, but I had fun making it. Did I mention I do commissions? 🙂