William Loose – Mechanical Industrial Underscore

That’s the name! That’s the name of the production music I’ve been looking for. It’s the music used in the Ren & Stimpy episode Man’s Best Friend, when George Liquor orders his pets onto his couch, and scares the hell out of them.


I’m thrilled to finally have a name, but now I can’t find the file. Supposedly it’s the property of Capitol Records, but no one seems to have it.

I want this song. There has to be a way….

Patreon Update

Hi everyone. Prospective patrons have additional options and rewards now. Take a look!


$1.00 – SNEAK PEEK: Curious about what’s next? One-dollar Patrons are free to request an asset from works in progress, including voice clips, animation frames, backgrounds, and storyboards! Wouldn’t you like a glimpse of what’s next for Nora in your inbox? It’s only a buck away!

$5.00 – SCREENPLAY: In addition to the sneak peek, five-dollar patrons will receive a script from one of my cartoons, finished or unfinished. Take a look at what’s coming up, or see what was changed in a completed cartoon! Scripts will be sent in .pdf format unless another is requested.

$10.00 – CUSTOM ART: In addition to the one- and five-dollar rewards, ten-dollar Patrons can request a custom drawing, digital or on paper, of whatever subject they choose! Well, within reason, but I’m open to discussion! 🙂 Both email or snail mail work for me, so what are you waiting for?

$20.00 – CUSTOM ANIMATED .GIF: In addition to the previous rewards, twenty-dollar patrons will receive a three-second animated .gif of whatever subject they choose! Again, within reason, folks! But I’m pretty open-minded, so don’t worry too much! 😉

I’ve even added a Thank You video, but you have to give to see it. 🙂 More cartoons (tickling and non) are on the way!



From the Journal

Dear God, Angels, Spirits, or Whoever’s Out There,

My brother, father, mother, and grandmother are all suffering right now. My sister-in-law and close friends are having personal crises too. We need your help. I feel that a massive shift is happening, something that will change us all, and I am frightened and nervous.

I just have to trust that things will be okay, possibly even better than they were before things went wrong. I just have to trust in you. I know you’ve answered prayers of mine, and prayers of my Dad’s, and I’m grateful for that.

I hate to say it, but we need your help more than ever right now. We are all in scary places, waiting on answers or results that are slow in coming. Please help us to find ways to douse that fear hanging over our family. We miss the peace and stability we once enjoyed.

Of course, I understand that we’re are only now confronting the conclusions of events set in motion long ago: I with my depression, Mom with her retirement, Dad with his bad back. Getting through them will be challenging, but somehow, I know it’ll be worth it in the end. It just has to be.

With Hope,