Evil Land Episode 01

The first episode in a thirteen-ep series, this sucker taught me a lot about animation. I had to simplify a lot of designs simply because I got impatient. I do really like the monster scene at the end though.


Angry White Boy Polka

A crazy, silly animation I put together as a music video for a “Weird Al” Yankovic song. I never suspected that Al himself would come to see it! He bought me backstage passes to his concert and I got to meet the band. Funny how the internet actually does bring people together sometimes.

P.S.: I’m Open.

There are only two possible outcomes when a person continually bangs his or head against a brick wall: either the wall caves in, or the person’s head does.

I’ve decided that it’s time to stop striking my head against this particular brick wall and take a chance at what matters.

I write fiction and animate using Flash. My latest projects are a commission for a fan on DeviantArt, a golden-age style cartoon called No-Luck Nora, and a spec script intended as a sequel to the Creepshow movies.

I learned how to write by reading. The structure of dramatic fiction is pretty easy to learn once you’ve taken enough of it in. Though I’m not confident enough to bend those rules out of shape yet, and it occasionally bothers me when otherwise fine writers do, I found a proficiency over the rules at a very young age. I’ve had encouragement to pursue my writing from numerous would-be mentors, but for whatever reason, I never listened to them.

Now I’m ready to listen.

Cartooning and animation are also two passions of mine. I love classic Warner Bros. and Spumco cartoons, the ones where the characters flail and cheer and dance about the screen in fantastic, exuberant fashion. Nowadays it’s all tweening, which is efficient, but the characters move like dolls. I’m fascinated with traditional frame-by-frame animation, which is a lot more complex than it looks. Thankfully, Mr. John Kricfalusi is happy to share his knowledge over at http://johnkcurriculum.blogspot.com. I learned more there than I did in any art class. He cuts straight to the most important principles. I recommend anyone who is interested in trying animation to go there.

Looking for a mentor to guide me through the marketing process. I hear my local college has a stellar English department. I’ll get with them and see where I can go. I have this screenplay that’s just too hot to hold on to. I have to get started, and now.