Note to 5K Retina iMac Owners

Make sure to run Adobe software in low-resolution mode or it will move like molasses.


Like Adobe in the Rain

Ugh, I’m seriously considering dropping Adobe Flash as my go-to software for animation. I really, really hate this subscription thing they’re doing with Creative Cloud. How stupid do these software companies think we users are? I mean, Microsoft, seriously: am I going to pay a monthly fee for your Office 365…thing, whatever it is, when I can use Google Docs for free? Maybe it doesn’t have all your fancy industry-standard features, but I just want a reliable word processor!

And now Adobe’s going down the same route. You don’t even get to own the software anymore! You just rent it, and you have to stay online all the time to use it! I don’t want to deal with that garbage. I just want to make cartoons like I used to!

What’s interesting is that I’m not alone in this opinion. Newgrounds users are complaining like mad about the changes in CC as well: the always-online requirement, the chugging performance, the removal of ActionScript 2.0, and more. Most of them are resigning themselves to Flash CS 5.5, which apparently is the most reliable and feature-rich version available now. I can feel the winds changing, though, and I know I’ll need to move on to something else soon enough.

So what’s the alternative?

Right now, Toon Boom Studio looks like my best bet. It’s an affordable option. From what I’ve read about it, the software is designed to emulate real-life animation equipment. This is good, because it means it’s specifically built for the purpose of cartooning, but it’s also bad, because I kinda have to forge a path all over again. I had my animation process (such as it was) down pat with Flash, and the idea of starting over weighs pretty heavy in my head.


I know I can do it, though. Hell, it might be a good thing for me. It might be easier to learn Toon Boom than I think, and it might have some nifty features that would enhance my cartoons. Guess I’d better find the For Dummies book on Amazon now….