Profound Musings from the Caped Crusader

The other day I read a forum argument on some random website (I don’t even remember the name). It was about global warming, government buyouts, the death of the middle class, that kind of shit. Everyone has an opinion on world affairs, but are sorely without facts because so much is withheld from us, so it was more amusing than anything. The way I see it, we’re all riding on somebody’s else’s train, and it’s up to us to adapt and take back control where we can.

Anyway, the argument impressed me for remaining civil and intelligent, qualities that are…lacking in most internet discussions.

Here’s the sad part, though: the guy I sort of agreed with had this big-ass signature on all of his posts. I didn’t read it right away because it was a long quotation. When I neared the end of the thread, I looked at it closely. It read like some retarded campaign speech. Know who the quote was from? Wanna guess?



I left the site after seeing that, disgusted, confused, and flabbergasted. What the hell is going on here? Fucking Batman — I’m so sick of Batman! Why are Americans so deeply in love with Batman? When did he turn into our national fucking hero? Moreover, when did he become historically significant enough to quote in political discussions? He’s not even real!

“Well,” you might ask, “who would you quote instead, Mr. Smart-guy?”

PLATO, FOR GOD’S SAKE! SUN TZU! FDR! THE KINGS AND QUEENS OF EUROPE! Even George W. Bush. Yes, I said it. Quoting any of these people would be more dignified, and garner more respect, than lifting a line from a fucking COMIC BOOK. I’m sorry; but seeing the source of that quote sucked all the credibility from the discussion, and I ain’t returning to that site again.

Now you might think that a dope like me, who wants to draw cartoons for a living, has no call to judge others in this way, but I would never enter a political argument armed with quotes from Bugs Bunny.

Another thing you might think is that I’m overreacting, playing up my anger for the sake of entertainment, but I’m not joking around here. This sort of thing really worries me. If the intelligent people in this country look up to fictional character who dresses up as a bat, I don’t want to imagine what the dumb people worship. You think fictional quotes are valid? Then I’ve got a good one for you:

“We’re in a lot of trouble!”
–Howard Beale


Author: lisvender

Writer and animator in Central California.

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