7th Heaven Star Disappoints

Day Seven, Stephen Collins is a Molester: Say it ain’t so, Father Camden. Turns out that actor Stephen Collins, who played the minister/Ward Cleaver-type on that sappy TV show 7th Heaven, confessed to molesting not just one, but three little girls. It wasn’t a cry for help, though. The guy never intended for anyone to actually hear it. His ex-wife Faye Grant, who’s apparently related to Linda Tripp, secretly recorded him in a 2012 therapy session and sold the tape to the highest bidder.


Collins had no qualms about raking in the praise as the head of the happiest, whitest household on television, even though he was guilty of one of the filthiest crimes imaginable. Grant knew about his problem full well: he told her that he hoped they wouldn’t have a little boy together because he’d be too tempted to put the kid’s penis in his mouth. Instead of encouraging her husband to back away from the limelight and turn himself in, she blackmailed him for millions, and then publicized the confession anyway, even though the guy’s career was already in its winter days. Sadly, the cases are too old to reopen, but at least the truth is out, and we won’t be seeing the bastard much anymore.rs_634x1024-141007090049-634.Stephen-Collins-7th-Heaven-Confession.jl.100714

What a pathetic end to a scummy life. I find this whole affair disgusting, but also fascinating, like watching a big bag of skin and offal go up in hot blue flames. That this one story could so starkly illustrate the gulf between fantasy and reality, and demonstrate the universe’s twisted sense of justice, all while disparaging the institutions of both television and organized religion (apparently even fake churches aren’t safe from this crap) is almost…miraculous. I like to think it’s brought us one step closer to turning the damn idiot boxes off once and for all.


Author: lisvender

Writer and animator in Central California.

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