Two Fallen Idols

Day Two, Robin Williams…: Twice as bright, half as long. When will we accept anxiety and depression as common afflictions that affect us all?


…and Bill Cosby: Williams committed suicide, and Cosby committed career suicide. Or, at least, the cyanide pill he took long ago is finally taking effect.

thIESMC0DVCosby’s rape accusations have turned into a very scary subject, and not just because of the disillusionment. The sheer number of women involved has me thinking the guy is guilty, but there’s a part of me that feels like I’m not being fair. Is it okay for me to judge this man based on what I see on television? Isn’t that the job of the judicial system? Isn’t that why it exists? I know, the system sucks. It’s shitty that we can’t have a trial now just because some time has passed. Truth and justice don’t give a shit about time; let’s take this to court!

Now here’s what’s scary: if you say things like that, people leap to the conclusion that you’re part of the problem. They claim that calling for due process is tantamount to victim-blaming. Well, hey, what if I was accused of rape, and I knew I didn’t do it? Does that mean I should just give up? If it’s on TV, it’s game over for me?

Sexual assault charges can be difficult to prove, and yes, the system is rigged to protect the rich and popular, but saying “let’s reserve judgment” is not the same as saying, “bitch lied through her teeth.” I don’t think that victims should shut up. In fact, I think they should shout as loud as they can, but in a case like this, where I have no stake or knowledge, I can’t just automatically take their side. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THE CRIME DID NOT OCCUR, OR THAT THE VICTIMS DON’T DESERVE COMPASSION.

Now I don’t say this because I give a crap about Cosby. He knew the risks of being a celebrity, and no matter what happens, he’s going to live the rest of his life in comfort, so fuck him. No, I say this because I fear for the future of the rights of the accused. I always believed the presumption of innocence to be a good thing, but now I’m worried that defending it makes me a chauvinist, a monster, a victim-blamer, a MAN. Heaven help me if I ever become one of those.


Author: lisvender

Writer and animator in Central California.

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