Notes on Creating

1.) I am impatient. This a path, and I can only advance on it when I’m ready.

2.) I work best at night, when there are no obligations or interruptions.

3.) I work more efficiently when I listen to an audiobook or a movie, especially if it is educational. It distracts my mind from the pain of working. I move through the drudgery of inking and painting without even thinking about it.

4.) Perhaps the secret is not the distraction itself. It is not to soften the effort of work, or to blur my vision of it, but to avoid thinking too strongly about it.

5.) Thinking brings analysis. Analysis brings doubt.

6.) Work must be balanced with rest. Recreation after work is not loafing. Recreation without work, a conscious ignorance of the muse, is a sin.


Author: lisvender

Writer and animator in Central California.

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