Top Cartoons: Modern Inventions


I can’t say that I’m a huge Disney fan. I enjoy their cartoons, especially their classic ones, but I don’t seek them out generally. I’m more of a Warner Bros. guy. I do like cartoons about machines running amok, though, and when I first saw this one as a kid, it really stuck with me. It stuck so closely, in fact, that it helped to inspire No-Luck Nora. I particularly like the sadistic barber chair at the finale. Very creative stuff, and wonderfully realized, as is to be expected from Disney.

Of course, the major difference between Disney’s cartoon and mine is that Donald Duck invites trouble, and is ineffectual against the tormenting machinery, while Nora is innocent, and fights back. Also, Disney’s cartoon is beautifully animated, while mine is a bit rough. Still, I’m sure that will change once I hit it rich and can afford to hire some staff 🙂


Author: lisvender

Writer and animator in Central California.

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