The Magnificent Jenni Nexus




I’d like to introduce you to a new friend of mine. She’s an artist, performer, and animator who’s got some serious talents, and you’re going to want to know who she is.

Her name is Jenni Nexus, and she’s made some terrific projects with Flash, After Effects, and Premiere. She also makes her own styled clothing! You can check out her DIY projects on her YouTube channel. Her partner runs, which hosts a collection of impressive online games made in Unity, many of which he created himself!

I met Jenni by chance while collaborating on my current cartoon project. You’ll be seeing that soon. Hopefully very soon; I can’t wait for you all to see and hear what she’s contributed. Jenni is not only skilled and creative, she’s friendly, open-minded, passionate, and supportive. Artists like us need to stick together, man. Go say hello!


Author: lisvender

Writer and animator in Central California.

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